Lemon – Citrus limon

The demand for fresh lemons has little flexibility, but a growing consumption and regular shortfalls can provide opportunities. Northern Europe has the most demand for imported lemons, although Spain is often their dominant supplier. Most non-European lemons enter Europe via the Netherlands.

Lemon (scientific name: Citrus limon) is a sour citrus fruit which is used for both culinary and non-culinary purposes. Fresh lemons can be processed (mostly at origin) or marketed as a fresh fruit for consumers or professional users in the food service industry for drinks or food preparation.

The main purpose of fresh use is because of its flavour and all parts of the lemon can be used. Lemon juice is used for drinks while the lemon with zest or skin is used as garnish, in marmalades or deserts. Industrial processing of lemons has uses in the food and non-food segments (cleaning, cosmetics, pharmaceutical) and include for example (concentrated) juice, pulp, essential oil, pectin, citric acid, limonene and dehydrated peel.