Reprocessing Extracts

Before extracts are incorporated into products like tinctures, suspensions, oils, lotions, creams, emulsions, balms, waxes, and food or beverage formulations, the crude extract often needs to be purified and concentrated. 

An experienced manufacturing partner fields a team of technicians and scientists who perform these essential oil processing services:

  • Winterization — using alcohol and cold temperatures to precipitate and remove fats and waxes, leaving full spectrum oil 
  • Distillation — removes impurities, resulting in free distillate that contains desirable terpenes 
  • Crystallization — a process that eliminates virtually all constituents except a single desired compound, leaving a highly concentrated isolate 
  • Remediation — the removal of THC can be needed to maintain a compliant, THC-free product, since each purification and concentration step focused on CBD can also concentrate THC 
  • Disposal — THC removed from high-potency CBD distillates is properly disposed of, and disposal is documented to ensure regulatory compliance