plantation from Sri-lanka

We offer the Agarwood HUSMA investment plan to the public gives opportunity to become a part of this incredible journey,we introduce srilanka’s most lucrative investment plan that offers the highest return in the market.
It is also our pleasure to inform you that we are the leading pioneer to legally export srilanka agarwood across the world.

Why invest with us?

– Srilanka’s only firm to own the total agarwood process from seed-to-oil.
– We own srilankan’s first and only oud oil factory which ensures the return for your investment.
– Established supplier of oud for internationally renowned brands.
– The company is owned by one of the most trusted sports person in the world.
– Highest return for agarwood investment in srilanka.
– 100% organic certified process.
– Being the only company approved by the Government of Ceylon to export those products made by Oud Oil.
– Cultivation and Cultivation Protection by the Institute (No Consumer Risk)
– 100% TAX Free.
– Be the only institution that can reap the benefits in the short term should be an institution maintained with the approval of the Department of Forest Conservation and the Government.
– The responsibility of Nurturing & maintaining of your trees will be taken over by the company.
– An opportunity to visit our plantation.

Why we state an expected return?

– Our end product which is oud oil is priced in dollars ($)since it is sold in the international market,therefore the pricing of every other products including our investment plans are heavily impacted by the exchange rate.
– Since the beginning of the agarwood industry centuries ago the price has never wevered and has been appreciating at a progressive rate due to its rarity,therefore it is fare to say the price will increase within a period of 8 years.

Upon purchase you will receive,

– Legal Agreement signed by our company. directors.
– Harvest certificate that indicates your minimum guranteed return.
– Tree allocation letter that indicates the location and the numbered tree you receive.

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