Solvent-Free Microwave Extraction

The ETHOS X performs solvent-free microwave extraction of fragrances in plant material, such as essential oils, at atmospheric pressure. To run a sample, the operator places the material into the reactor without any added solvents or water, and then selects the pre-stored methods to start the run. Within minutes, the system’s accelerated heating and water-cooling process enables the first drops of essential oils and water to condense in the fragrances glassware vessel, restoring the sample’s in-situ water, while the essential oils are collected into the fragrances glassware available in glass and in stainless steel. Once the essential oils have been extracted, they can be analyzed directly by GC-MS without any preliminary clean-up or solvent exchange steps. The system’s fast process also avoids thermal degradation, as the sample and the essential oils are exposed to heat for only a few minutes.