Pest + Disease Control

Managing pests and diseases are necessary part of maintaining plantation productivity.

The key threats to Aquilaria trees are the damping-off disease, the root-knot nematode disease and Phytophthora root rot (root colonizing that eventually causes tissue destruction when necrotrophic. The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is to be considered, including biological control.

We also manage pests and diseases through regular monitoring and reporting of tree health, while pest and disease resistance are key selection criterion in the production of high-quality planting stock.

Physical control measures are the first options to consider in pest and disease management. They include simple hand -picking, erecting insect barriers, using traps, vacuuming, tillage, flaming, mulching, soil solarization and adopting protective structures such as net houses and greenhouses.

We don’t recommend the application of pest-control synthetic chemicals at any given time. Always look for an organic way to control.