Natural Method

Naturally, agarwood formation is often linked to the physical wounding or damage of Aquilaria trees caused by thunder strike, animal grazing, pest and disease infestations. These events expose the inner part of the trees toward pathogenic microbes, which evoke the defense mechanism of Aquilaria to initiate the resin production. This natural formation process of agarwood has greatly inspired the development of diverse artificial induction methods. For example, the microbial species of Actinobacteria sp.,  Acidobacteriasp.,  Aspergillus sp.,  Alcaligenes sp.,  Bacillus sp.,  Chaetomium sp., Curvularia sp. Fusarium sp. Lasiodiploidiasp., Penicillium sp., Proteobacteria sp., Pseudomonas sp., and Trichoderma sp. are involved in the agarwood formation.