Propagation Methods

Agarwood Bari propagation: Seed should be sown immediately, as it remains viable for only about two weeks. It is sown in nursery beds, about 5 mm deep in cocopeat (option is a mixture of soil, sand and manure) and kept under light shade. Germination starts after 10 – 12 days and is normally complete after 1 month. 

Seed sown immediately after collection has about 65% germination, falling to 45% after 1 week and only 5% after 3 weeks in storage. The seedlings are very prone to insect attack. Seedlings are pricked out into containers 40 – 45 days after germination when they are 3 – 5 cm tall, and are kept under shade. They are ready for transplanting when 50 – 90 cm tall and 10 – 12 months old. 

Fruit harvested for seed should be collected when mature but still green. A medium- sized tree produces about 2,000 seeds per year, but seed production may fluctuate greatly between years. The fruits are dried in the shade for about 2 days, they then burst and release the seed.