Tissue Culture

This is the most recent and advanced technique in which plant tissues are grown in media under controlled and sterile conditions/environments.

It is extensively used for commercial purposes to produce clones of plants or mass produce plants. It also provides several advantages over all the traditional methods explained above.

Business operation of Tissue Culture Laboratory is under Provincial Federation, you may wish to get in touch with them for your bulk seedling requirements.

Advantages of tissue culture technique:

  1. It allows for the production of clones or exact copies of the mother plant.
  2. Plants with desired traits or characters can be grown using this technique.
  3. It is beneficial in propagating plants without seeds.
  4. It allows the production of plants in a shorter period of time compared to traditional techniques.
  5. Plants that are difficult to grow by traditional methods can be grown by this method.
  6. Disease-free plants can be produced.
  7. Mass production of plants is possible with this technique.
  8. Enhance productivity.
  9. Easy transportation of plants.